Who is Ella Voss?

Ella Voss is the lovely lady who wrote my novel and all my other stories. It is not exactly a secret who she is. I have my photo on all the book covers and allow her to post all her work on my Facebook account. I neither send an alias to all my readings. So then, you may wonder, why use a different name at all?

Basically the idea is to give an expression to the artistic part of my life. As a way to make this part of me visible and help it grow, similar to using a brand.

And Ella has been around for a while. Somehow, Esther Pfaff is a name very difficult to understand over the phone. Not enough vowels I guess, too many „f“. When ordering a table, I usually have to repeat or spell it, and when I get to the place, often there is a table for Ada Voss or Ella Voss. So at some Point I just made my life easier and made a reservation for Ella Voss right away. And there she was.

(Now you may wonder whether I should try some speech training, because seriously, how hard can this be? But it is not just me. When clients call me in office, half the time calls are directed to my colleague, Ms. Voss 😊)

I hope you will enjoy Ella’s work in the future – I for sure have a great time with her 😊

You may also want to check out her Instagram account if you would like to follow her journey.

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