Writer’s Coaching

Good-quality writing is a marathon, not a sprint. Our writing skills are one cornerstone to our success – the other is maintaining the writer’s mindset. I finished two books in the past three years and I know how it feels when you lose faith and are ready to give up. I pulled through only because there were people coaching me through such moments and believing in me when I was full of doubt.

I am myself a trained mediator (Eidos Mediation, Munich) and mentor in the Eidos network, and the communication skills acquired in mediation training are valuable in any crisis situation.

If you experience writer’s block, are about to abandon a piece of work that a moment ago meant everything to you, when you want to get into writing but you don’t know where to start, when you have been writing and revising a piece for a long time and you don’t know how to push it over the finishing line or whatever writer’s plight you would like to discuss – a session of writer’s coaching might be a worthwhile investment.


Coaching sessions can take place online or personally in the Munich area. An hour of coaching costs 30 euros.