Manuscript Review

As a writer it is my passion to help great stories come to life. It takes a village to finish a book and taking feedback from a test reader or editor is crucial to the success of a publication.

Send me your manuscript if you are preparing for submission, have a first draft ready and wonder what your next steps are (the first-draft crisis is a known yet curable phenomenon) or have reached a block when it comes to the development of a certain character, structuring a complex plot, developing a clear sense of place and time.

I offer content editing services – not typically the final proofreading before submission. If you are in need of proofreading services, let’s discuss and I can happily arrange those for you as well.


The costs vary significantly by scope of the manuscript and the state it is in and the number of queries that come with it. Cost and effort therefore need to be quoted individually.

To give you an idea: a polished draft of 200 pages to be checked before agent submission for consistency, sensitivity and sound character and plot development would be around 150 euros.