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    The Dullness of Conflict – inspired by Ursula K. LeGuin

    It is a widely accepted notion that peace, though desirable, leaves mankind unsatisfied and with a desire to fight for a cause. In peaceful times, it is harder to give life purpose and to feel yourself. A wealthy, complacent society, like the German one I am blessed to live in, therefore is believed to inevitably generate a hunger for conflict. This mindset feeds into the entertainment we provide each other with these days. Plots are increasingly focused on crime and murder, the little wars of our times. Every other TV series starts with a dead body or a torture scene. War movies with extensive massacres are blockbusters. Modern literature makes…

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    Throwback Monday – Arcana 2021 is coming up!

    I have always had a thing for tarot cards. Not so much to rely on them as a kind of super-natural prophecy but for their rich imagery. They idea of combining so many symbols in each card that it engages your subconcious is intriguing. The human mind sees in them what it wants to see, and thereby you learn what truly moves you these days, no fooling yourself. I was therefore delighted when I was asked to participate in last year’s Arcana, a Munich art project which draws inspiration from Tarot cards. Each year it features a select group of artists and writers from around the world. Due to Covid,…